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Girls 4 Ocean

Grab your fins and mask and get ready to tune in to our brand new podcast, Girls 4 Ocean. Join host, Mads St Claire (@mads_ocean), as she delves into the world of of the women who live and breathe the sea. Interviewing everyone from surfers to coral biologists, be prepared to meet some of the coolest ocean-minded ladies who are speaking up for our blue planet.      


about G4O

Our Mission

In a nutshell – or should we say clamshell? – this podcast aims to celebrate and empower the women who live and work with the marine environment. Girls 4 Ocean (G4O) podcast is a brand-new podcast affiliated with Girls in Ocean Science, an online community and science communication initiative. 

From shark finning to ocean acidification, it’s undeniable that our beautiful blue planet is in serious trouble. Science communication and awareness are some of the most underrated tools that can be used to help tackle these problems. Through this podcast, G4O aims to forge connections in the hope of creating change. We want to share the beauty of the ocean with the world - in the hope that we can inspire others to help protect our oceans. 

The show covers a broad range of topics such as diving, ocean conservation, sustainable lifestyle, marine science and more. G4O hopes to create conversation to address the challenges that currently face our ocean and promote a positive attitude towards the marine environment.

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appear on the pod

Want to Get Involved?


We are currently looking for UK-based girls to get involved on our podcast!

What are we looking for?

  • Passionate women in all ocean fields, whether vocational (your job) or recreational (for fun), who have a story to tell. This may include but is not limited to: marine science, conservation, diving, surfing, sailing, etc…

  • You must be an engaging speaker, confident talking about your given field or area, and comfortable being recorded during interview.

  • Must be willing to travel to Kent for podcast recording - at this time we cannot provide reimbursements for travel expenses


Think you’ve got what it takes to chat about the ocean? Fantastic!! Fill in the form below to apply to be on the podcast. All questions must be answered fully. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

Name *
Tell us a little about you, your vocation/recreation and your relationship with the ocean.
What will be the main theme of our interview? Are you a super fighting plastic pollution or a deep-sea biologist?
What can you bring to the GLO podcast listeners? Any why do you want to be on the show?
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