Our Team

Meet the waterwomen behind the MARINE madness


Mads | @mads_ocean

Mads is a 23 year old tropical marine biologist, divemaster and founder of non-profit science communication initiative, The Marine Diaries. Though she is a UK-native, Mads has spent the last few years bouncing around the coral reefs of Indonesia. As a shark advocate and generally vocal personal about all things ocean, you’ll probably hear her voice on a podcast somewhere.

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Michaela | @michaela4341

Michaela is currently completing her BSc in Marine Biology at James Cook University in sunny Far North Queensland. Growing up on the South Coast of Australia, and now living on the shores of the Great Barrier Reef, she is always happiest when the ocean is near. An avid traveller, writer and yogi, Michaela has trekked to all corners of the globe, most recently frolicking with the sea lions of the Galapagos Islands. Being somewhat of an ocean fanatic, she enjoys every aspect of Marine Biology, being drawn to the fact that every organism has a role to play, whether great or small. 


stephanie | @marinememoirs

Stephanie has been passionate about the natural environment for as long as she can remember. Since receiving her B.Sc in Marine Biology, she has dedicated the life to gaining a better understanding of the underwater world. She has worked across the Caribbean, is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and loves introducing people to the marine realm. Beyond the ocean she’ll get involved in anything that involves, conservation, baking, or karaoke.


Madyson | @madyloveswhales

Madyson is from Florida, USA and has her BS in Marine Biology. Her love for the ocean started when she saw a whale breach for the first time. In the past she has volunteered her time to the Audubon Society working with local shorebirds and spent time in Indonesia as a Research Assistant working on several different projects ranging from coral temperature tolerance to observing coral boomies! As a lab technician, Madyson is worked on a project investigating microplastic ingestion by zooplankton in the Great Lakes. She currently works out of Mississippi working on the Coastal Marsh Bird Project and is excited to be part of the GOS team!


DANA | @susdanable

Dana is a PADI Divemaster and trained scientific diver, who plans to continue to use her interdisciplinary expertise in order to monitor local resources and introduce many newcomers to the underwater World. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Siena College in Environmental Studies in 2014, and a year later obtained her Master's of Professional Science from the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. She is now the Outreach Coordinator for a non-profit called Miami Waterkeeper, where focuses on citizen science and engaging the general public and local stakeholders with issues that threaten the waters of South Florida. 


sOFIA | @the_bluescientist

Sofia is a Marine Biologist from Brisbane, Australia. She loves anything that involves the ocean, especially surfing, diving, and underwater photography. This love brought her to study Marine Biology with the hopes of specialising in sharks and rays, but she has recently discovered a passion for reducing her environmental impact, living a low waste lifestyle, and teaching others how to do the same! 


Rosie | @rosie_poirier

Rosie is an ocean lover who is passionate about the conservation and protection of the oceans. She is an underwater photographer, scuba instructor and is currently studying Marine Science on Vancouver island in Canada. Post-graduation she plans to work in the field of developing marine protected areas an implementing the supporting programs to sustain them. She has worked extensively in the field of conservation, from coral nursery programs, to working in marine protected areas, to collecting data for the protection of the Southern Resident Killer whales. She is very excited to join the Girls in Ocean Science community as an editor and provide inspiring content and opportunities to girls around the world!