Lead Ambassador


represent your university

Each year, we select two lead ambassadors from each university or college to represent Girls in Ocean Science. These girls are the face of Girls in Ocean Science and we expect them to promote our message and act responsibly.

What is expected of you?

  1. Spread our message by Promoting GOS on your social media accounts

  2. Organise GOS meet-ups at your university

  3. Be active on the GOS Facebook group & invite your friends

Ambassador Rewards

  1. Receive monthly ambassador newsletter

  2. Join exclusive Lead Ambassador facebook group

  3. Get the chance to be featured on our social media pages

  4. Get rewarded with awesome prizes/discount codes

  5. Be featured on the Lead Ambassador page of our site



How to Apply

Think that you’d be a great fit for our lead ambassadors programme? Complete the application form below and return it to us at hello@girlsinoceanscience.com. We can’t wait to read your applications! 100 words MAX per answer.

Name *