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Cape Town - GOS X Ocean Mimic Beach Clean

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GOS X Ocean Mimic Beach Clean

Join us for the beach clean of the year this World Oceans Day in Cape Town, South Africa! Partnering with Ocean Mimic, Girls in Ocean Science is organising beach clean-ups all over the world and we would love for you to be a part of this one!

Event Coordinators: Danel Wentzel & Calley Chateau
Event Location: Monwabisi Beach, Cape Town
Event Time: 8.30am-11:00am

The clean up will be taking place on a beach closer to an informal settlement of Cape town. This is the first time we will attempt to clean this beach. Local organizing like nine mile project are looking to bring kids from the area too assist in the clean and help educate them about why we should be doing clean ups and why reducing our plastic waste should be important.

Can’t wait to see you there!



Danel Wentzel

GOS Clean Up Leader


Calley Chateau

GOS Clean Up Leader