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5 Practical Ways to Introduce People to Ocean Science

We all have those friends, you know, the ones that just don’t care about the ocean - no matter how much you preach. You’ve tried stern talks about straws, you’ve forced them to sit down and watch all 8 episode of Blue Planet II but nothing so-far has seemed to work. Well be at a loss for what to do no longer - we have come up with 5 sneaky ways for you to inspire some ocean love and get people interested in ocean science…

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How To Get Into Marine Biology

If we had a penny for every time someone asked us this question… then we would be rich enough to fund all the science needed to protect the ocean. Ok, ok, joking aside, it’s a valid question and there are so many routes and roads into this field, that it can be a daunting web to untangle. This article sets out what you need to do to get into marine biology…

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