The First Dive

Who remembers their first dive? Mine was years ago, but I remember it so vividly, almost as if it were yesterday. The first rush of cold water as you step into the blue, the butterflies in my stomach as I fantasised about the exciting creatures I’d see there. It’s been a while since I’ve dived, and I find myself craving that rush again. But, like many things, there’s nothing like the first time.

For anyone who is yet to take the step to getting their first dive licence, whatever is holding you back; fear, money, time, don’t let it stop you. Anyone who has ever explored the underwater world would tell you the same thing, it’s magical, like you’ve stepped out of this universe and entered another.

Let me take you through your first dive. After all the theory is done and dusted, you make your way onto the boat. The whole boat trip to the dive site is filled with a nervous, but excited energy, and while the instructors are taking you through the safety checks, your mind might be wandering off, dreaming about what’s below the surface. Suddenly, you’re already there. The boat stops, anchors down, and you start zipping up your wetsuit. It’s hot under 3 mm of neoprene, but maybe that’s also the excitement starting to kick in. Attaching your tank to your BCD, you try to remember everything they told you back in the classroom; slow descent, equalise your ears, control your buoyancy, always check your air pressure, continuous breathing while you surface, but don’t forget the safety stop, wait… what’s the hand signal for low on air? Already, it’s your turn to get in, holding your mask to your face and your respirator in your mouth, you step out. The feeling of the cold water on your skin brings you back to reality, and you realise that you are breathing underwater for the first time, and you are amazed by the sheer beauty of the reef. This, is when the fun begins.


I’m not sure if that’s everyone’s experience, but it sure was mine. I hope this has bought back some memories for people about their first dive, and if you haven’t started diving yet, well what are you waiting for?