Welcome to Girls in Ocean Science


Introducing Girls in Ocean Science, the number one place for girls in marine science to connect and get together. Whether you're a marine biologist, researcher, student, oceanographer, engineer, chemist, or simply a girl who loves ocean science, then this is the platform for you! So who are we and what are we about? Keep reading to find out…

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creating a community

Girls in Ocean Science is first and foremost about community. We started as a facebook group wanting to create a global network to connect girls from across the world. Whether its generating friendships, creating better access to opportunities or sharing the voices of our ocean women - we are here to unite and celebrate the passionate, intelligent and inspirational girls in marine sciences and conservation.


promoting equality

Men dominate STEM fields - its a fact. Women are grossly under represented in most STEM careers and though the gender gap is generally smaller for science professionals, often the work of women is overlooked. But it’s not all doom and gloom - more women are choosing STEM careers each year! As a community of women who love or work in marine sciences and conservation, we strive to see diversity and equality in the STEM workforce. Girls in Ocean Science doesn't intended to further the divide between men and women, but to help close that gender gap though education, celebration and empowerment.

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Inspiring future marine scientists

At Girls in Ocean Science, we are about inspiring the younger generations to go for a career in science, no matter their race, background or gender. Diversity is important (science proves that research benefits from a more diverse workforce). We want to show girls that this girl can. And for that matter, this boy can too. The fact of it is that we have ONE ocean, which at present is under threat from every man, woman, gender fluid, transgender, non-identifying human being that walks this earth at this present moment. Who cares if you’re a boy or a girl? We have one mission - to save the damn ocean. So let’s preach kindness, acceptance and equality, to make our blue planet a better place together.


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